Anti-Racism Work

I created this website as a resource for folks to begin working towards Anti-Racism. Note that this work is a lifelong process with no finish line. All of the material on this site has been sourced from various locations across the internet. None of this material is my own. This site is meant to help facilitate the learning process by making it easier for folks who might not know where to look for resources. This is not by any means an exhaustive or perfect list. I will continue to expand upon or refine this site as time goes on. I am always open to recommendations on additional resources or lists to feature as well as ways in which it might make sense to refine the site. I can be reached via email here. Just like you, this work is ongoing for me and I aim to approach it with humility.
Start at the top by clicking on how much time you have per day to build your learning plan. Next, scroll down and watch the short videos. Afterwards, explore the additional resource links for customized lists including books and articles to read, films and documentaries to watch, podcasts to listen to, people and organizations to follow, Black owned businesses to support, petitions to sign, and most importantly movements and organizations to direct funds!

How much time do you have per day?

Confused on Where to Start? Watch This

How To Talk To Kids About Race

How To Overcome Our Biases

Additional Resources